Dun Khâzlodan

Over a thousand years of peace come to an end as a hidden evil spreads across the land. The Rise of the Elementals was only the beginning, an opening to spread its madness into the hearts of the people.

The first to fall into madness was the dwarf King of Kelaldur, Dori son of Thaddous of the Ironbeard Clan. The sickness in him ran deep, causing him to distrust his advisers, his clan and even his children. It was believed to be an isolated incident, then the sickness spread like wildfire. Violence swept throughout the city halls as families turned against one another into civil war. The sickness took its toll leaving Kelaldur defenseless, as an army of elementals sacked the city bringing it to ruin.

Yet the sickness did not stop there, it reached to the halls of Gagazan, the gnome home of Clan Draenos. It is believed that sickness seeped down in the morning, mixed the with the mist from the mountain and by nightfall all within were considered lost. There are some that believe the gnomes still live there, twisted by sickness building their machines of death. Few remain of Clan Draenos and have been welcomed into the halls of Morias as friends.

Two hundreds years have passed since the Rise of the Elementals and of the sickness that swept across the land. The crazed Ironbeards wreak havoc in the south as new enemies of goblins and orcs, creep in at night. High Commander Filorr Goldshield calls out for a new age of adventurers to seek out this evil and crush it before its too late.

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Dwarves of Morias: Blood Brothers

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