Dwarves of Morias: Blood Brothers

Censor of Divinity

Start: 9/8/822 SR

Q) Where is the Censor of Divinity inside Saldric Hall?
A) In a gold chest with arms to carry within the home of the most faithful of servants of Thoradin.

Zandora Shopping Spree

Start: 8/8/822 SR
End: 9/8/822 SR

Divination: Will you allow me to break Tonala Thunderhammer’s curse?
Answer: Brutas gets a vision of a bird sitting on an egg.

First trip to Zandora

Start: 6/21/822 SR
End: 8/8/822 SR

As the party travels through the mountains they encounter 2 frost giants about 3 days ride to Averus.

Dry Ration x 10
400 sp
160 gp

They camp the night continue their journey in the morning. A few days past and they leave the mountains encountering 3 trolls. They continue their travels to Zandora where they go to Knights Armory to buy and sell armor. Balin buys a +2 Shield while Brutas buys a +1 Shield.

END SESSION NOTES: Need XP from a few encounters

Misty Mountains: White Dragon Lair

Start: 6/16/822 SR
End: 6/21/822 SR

Conclude some story in Kelaldur with Tonala suggesting a future mate as King Consort then the party travels into the Misty Mountains to take on and Adult White Dragons and 3 wrymlings. The party defeats the dragons with the healer using 4 of its highest level spells to keep the party alive. After the battle they camp in the lair for the night while Fizbin memorizes Identify to reveal the secrets of the dragons horde magic items.

15,000 gp
1,700 pp
11 gems (500 gp)
Ioun Stone (absorbtion)
Dwarven Plate
Tome of Leadership and influence

END SESSION NOTES: Need XP for this session and divvy up the treasure.

Surviving Kelaldur

Start: 6/16/822 SR
End: 6/16/822 SR

The party holds off an army of orcs with impossible odds before Halldora, her companions and an army of dwarves arrive from Morias to defend Kelaldur.

END SESSION NOTES: Need XP and treasure from day session. End just past second barbican as the dwarf army gives chase to the fleeing orcs.

Kelaldur: Rift

Start: 6/16/822 SR

Brutas casts Divination and asks;

Q) What is the exact location within the confines of this stronghold of the rift that is believed to be connected to the Abyss and formed almost 200 years ago?
A) A hammer falls, a dwarf sweats and fire bellows, here is where you will find your rift.

700 cp
7,000 sp
2,000 gp
110 pp
10 gems ( 50 gp)
+1 Ammunition (arrow)
Amulet of Health
+1 Holy Longsword

Brutas casts Raise Dead on one of the dead dwarves to prove they are not demons to the dwarves of Kelaldur outpost. Right before the dwarves let them back into the outpost they hear the sounds of orc drums. The orc army has arrived and the battle is will soon commence.

END SESSION NOTES: Need XP for the session and divy up treasure. End game outside of Kelaldur outpost where they hear the sound of orc drums.

Balin 131/131
Brondor 126/126
Brutas 96/106
Fizbinn 80/80
Thorak 77/86
Tonala 109/109

Kelaldur: Secret Vault

Start: 6/16/822 SR
End: 6/16/822 SR

The players find the secret vault located within the Hall of Justice. Inside the vault the players grab the scroll resting upon a trapped pedestal then reset the pressure plate trap before leaving. Upon leaving the vault they are encountered by the end boss, a Glabrezo Demon with 4 Bulgara Demon lackeys. They defeat the end boss and relock the vault.

Brondor 124/126
Balin 106/119
Tonala 101/109
Fizbinn 80/80
Thorack 74/78
Brutas 106/106

END SESSION NOTES: The party ends the session inside the Hall of Justice. We need XP for the game session.

Demonic Influence

Start: 6/11/822 SR
End: 6/16/822 SR

Speak with Dead
Q1) How far is the war band.
A1) A weeks or more ride

Q2) How far do the scouting parties stretch
A2) You already know the answer to that

Q3) Why are we the misty mountains?
A3) To raid the vaults of Kelaldur

Q4) I don’t understand, what are going to do with the loot from Morias since its too small for us to use. Why even bother?
A4) You fool, were not going to Morias.

Q5) Oh yeah thats right, what are we looking for in those vaults again?
A5) The legacy of the dwarf clans.

Frost Giant Home
160 gp
Local Map “Shows giant homes, a fortress and dragons lair”

END SESSION NOTES: Need XP and need to split up the treasure.

Yeti Caves

Start: 5/14/822 SR
End: 6/11/822 SR

While the party is Morias Halldora Solderondotti enters the undercity with her campaigns and greeted by a fanfare. The party intrudes upon a secret meeting of the king and Halldora and find out that an army of orcs about 1,000 strong are attempting to sneak into Dun Khazlodan through the misty mountains. While the army assembles the party takes on Tonala Thunderhammer as a companion and travel into the Misty Mountains to find the vault of Dwun. They end up finding a yeti cave and a secret vault containing nothing but a map to another vault and a small treasure horde.

2,400 cp
1,500 sp
90 gp
10 gems (50 gp)
Belt of Hill Giant Strength
Boots of Levitation
Wand of Lightning bolts

END SESSION NOTES: XP has already been handed out treasure needs to be divyed up and identified.

The Dawi Stone

Start: 4/1/822 SR
End: 5/14/822 SR

The players head back to the abandoned mines a days ride from Tillian. They enter the first level finding the secret entrance into the mines. Once there they make their way through the hidden mines finding 10 lbs. of silver ore and 3 lbs of mithral ore. From there they find the Temple of the Gods and travel into the Walk of Honor where Thorak triggers two “Face Thyself” traps. They uncover the Dawi Sone without a battle with the golem due to Brutas casting Legends and Lore revealing how to gain the stone. They then find the tomb of Thravrar Minebreaker, the giant slayer and master of the mines. The party returns to Tillian and then travel to Morias with Gwuf and his brother where they meet the king and reveal to the dwarven people

Dwarven legend remembers Thravrar as one of the greatest miners of Haudryn. He had a skill for prospecting new locations of mithral and other precious metals. His journeys brought him to new lands and many mates spreading his seed to new dwarven kingdoms. During his days, he encountered many giants and earned the title of the giant slayer.

By the end of the party, Thorak is courted by Torbera Goldshield and Balin is courted by Eldeth Redbeard.

END SESSION NOTES: Need XP for game session and Shawn needs to divvy up treasure. Also need to redo Anthony’s weapon he created with the Dawi Stone to conform with the new mechanic.


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