Dwarves of Morias: Blood Brothers

Demonic Influence

Start: 6/11/822 SR
End: 6/16/822 SR

Speak with Dead
Q1) How far is the war band.
A1) A weeks or more ride

Q2) How far do the scouting parties stretch
A2) You already know the answer to that

Q3) Why are we the misty mountains?
A3) To raid the vaults of Kelaldur

Q4) I don’t understand, what are going to do with the loot from Morias since its too small for us to use. Why even bother?
A4) You fool, were not going to Morias.

Q5) Oh yeah thats right, what are we looking for in those vaults again?
A5) The legacy of the dwarf clans.

Frost Giant Home
160 gp
Local Map “Shows giant homes, a fortress and dragons lair”

END SESSION NOTES: Need XP and need to split up the treasure.


sirdraxis sirdraxis

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