Dwarves of Morias: Blood Brothers

Kelaldur: Rift

Start: 6/16/822 SR

Brutas casts Divination and asks;

Q) What is the exact location within the confines of this stronghold of the rift that is believed to be connected to the Abyss and formed almost 200 years ago?
A) A hammer falls, a dwarf sweats and fire bellows, here is where you will find your rift.

700 cp
7,000 sp
2,000 gp
110 pp
10 gems ( 50 gp)
+1 Ammunition (arrow)
Amulet of Health
+1 Holy Longsword

Brutas casts Raise Dead on one of the dead dwarves to prove they are not demons to the dwarves of Kelaldur outpost. Right before the dwarves let them back into the outpost they hear the sounds of orc drums. The orc army has arrived and the battle is will soon commence.

END SESSION NOTES: Need XP for the session and divy up treasure. End game outside of Kelaldur outpost where they hear the sound of orc drums.

Balin 131/131
Brondor 126/126
Brutas 96/106
Fizbinn 80/80
Thorak 77/86
Tonala 109/109


sirdraxis sirdraxis

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