Dwarves of Morias: Blood Brothers

The Dawi Stone

Start: 4/1/822 SR
End: 5/14/822 SR

The players head back to the abandoned mines a days ride from Tillian. They enter the first level finding the secret entrance into the mines. Once there they make their way through the hidden mines finding 10 lbs. of silver ore and 3 lbs of mithral ore. From there they find the Temple of the Gods and travel into the Walk of Honor where Thorak triggers two “Face Thyself” traps. They uncover the Dawi Sone without a battle with the golem due to Brutas casting Legends and Lore revealing how to gain the stone. They then find the tomb of Thravrar Minebreaker, the giant slayer and master of the mines. The party returns to Tillian and then travel to Morias with Gwuf and his brother where they meet the king and reveal to the dwarven people

Dwarven legend remembers Thravrar as one of the greatest miners of Haudryn. He had a skill for prospecting new locations of mithral and other precious metals. His journeys brought him to new lands and many mates spreading his seed to new dwarven kingdoms. During his days, he encountered many giants and earned the title of the giant slayer.

By the end of the party, Thorak is courted by Torbera Goldshield and Balin is courted by Eldeth Redbeard.

END SESSION NOTES: Need XP for game session and Shawn needs to divvy up treasure. Also need to redo Anthony’s weapon he created with the Dawi Stone to conform with the new mechanic.


sirdraxis sirdraxis

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