Dwarves of Morias: Blood Brothers

Twin Kings Tomb

Start: 10/13/821 SR
End: 10/15/821 SR

The players travel to Twin Kings Tomb and found that the graves there have been disturbed. Skeletons and zombies are lurking about and the caretaker is nowhere to be seen. The party gets into 6 encounters; 1st – 6 Skeletons, 2nd – 4 zombies, 3rd – 4 skeletons and 2 zombies, 4th – Mimic, 5th – 1 Ogre zombie, 6th – 1 banshee and 3 skeletons. They clear the Tomb of undead and end the session in the Queens burial chamber of the Ironbeard side.

2,200 CP
1,018 SP
6 EP
70 GP

5 Art Object (25 gp / each)
Magical Axe


sirdraxis sirdraxis

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