Dwarves of Morias: Blood Brothers

Yeti Caves

Start: 5/14/822 SR
End: 6/11/822 SR

While the party is Morias Halldora Solderondotti enters the undercity with her campaigns and greeted by a fanfare. The party intrudes upon a secret meeting of the king and Halldora and find out that an army of orcs about 1,000 strong are attempting to sneak into Dun Khazlodan through the misty mountains. While the army assembles the party takes on Tonala Thunderhammer as a companion and travel into the Misty Mountains to find the vault of Dwun. They end up finding a yeti cave and a secret vault containing nothing but a map to another vault and a small treasure horde.

2,400 cp
1,500 sp
90 gp
10 gems (50 gp)
Belt of Hill Giant Strength
Boots of Levitation
Wand of Lightning bolts

END SESSION NOTES: XP has already been handed out treasure needs to be divyed up and identified.


sirdraxis sirdraxis

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