Dwarves of Morias: Blood Brothers

Demonic Influence

Start: 6/11/822 SR
End: 6/16/822 SR

Speak with Dead
Q1) How far is the war band.
A1) A weeks or more ride

Q2) How far do the scouting parties stretch
A2) You already know the answer to that

Q3) Why are we the misty mountains?
A3) To raid the vaults of Kelaldur

Q4) I don’t understand, what are going to do with the loot from Morias since its too small for us to use. Why even bother?
A4) You fool, were not going to Morias.

Q5) Oh yeah thats right, what are we looking for in those vaults again?
A5) The legacy of the dwarf clans.

Frost Giant Home
160 gp
Local Map “Shows giant homes, a fortress and dragons lair”

END SESSION NOTES: Need XP and need to split up the treasure.

Yeti Caves

Start: 5/14/822 SR
End: 6/11/822 SR

While the party is Morias Halldora Solderondotti enters the undercity with her campaigns and greeted by a fanfare. The party intrudes upon a secret meeting of the king and Halldora and find out that an army of orcs about 1,000 strong are attempting to sneak into Dun Khazlodan through the misty mountains. While the army assembles the party takes on Tonala Thunderhammer as a companion and travel into the Misty Mountains to find the vault of Dwun. They end up finding a yeti cave and a secret vault containing nothing but a map to another vault and a small treasure horde.

2,400 cp
1,500 sp
90 gp
10 gems (50 gp)
Belt of Hill Giant Strength
Boots of Levitation
Wand of Lightning bolts

END SESSION NOTES: XP has already been handed out treasure needs to be divyed up and identified.

The Dawi Stone

Start: 4/1/822 SR
End: 5/14/822 SR

The players head back to the abandoned mines a days ride from Tillian. They enter the first level finding the secret entrance into the mines. Once there they make their way through the hidden mines finding 10 lbs. of silver ore and 3 lbs of mithral ore. From there they find the Temple of the Gods and travel into the Walk of Honor where Thorak triggers two “Face Thyself” traps. They uncover the Dawi Sone without a battle with the golem due to Brutas casting Legends and Lore revealing how to gain the stone. They then find the tomb of Thravrar Minebreaker, the giant slayer and master of the mines. The party returns to Tillian and then travel to Morias with Gwuf and his brother where they meet the king and reveal to the dwarven people

Dwarven legend remembers Thravrar as one of the greatest miners of Haudryn. He had a skill for prospecting new locations of mithral and other precious metals. His journeys brought him to new lands and many mates spreading his seed to new dwarven kingdoms. During his days, he encountered many giants and earned the title of the giant slayer.

By the end of the party, Thorak is courted by Torbera Goldshield and Balin is courted by Eldeth Redbeard.

END SESSION NOTES: Need XP for game session and Shawn needs to divvy up treasure. Also need to redo Anthony’s weapon he created with the Dawi Stone to conform with the new mechanic.

Tillian Catacombs

Start: 1/3/822 SR
End: 4/1/822 SR

The players enter Tillian Catacombs

Treasure Horde
900 cp
7,000 sp
2,000 gp
110 pp
14 gems (100 gp)
Armor of Fire Resistance (leather)
Wand of Fear
Sun Blade
Flame Tongue (shortsword)
+1 Dagger

END SESSION NOTES: Need session XP, treasure has been divvy up the players spent the winter practicing professions in Tillian. Next step go after the Dawi Stone.


Start: 12/25/821 SR
End: 1/3/822 SR

Party travels 20 miles southwest to the forest line where they camp for the night before continuing the chase of Dalten to Hornsmill. They encounter 3 zombies in the graveyard and locate the Telandar Tomb where they return the Disk of Passage. In the temple of Crom the find Dalten with 2 guards. The party attacks Dalten killing him and the 2 guards to receive;

52 sp

END SESSION NOTES: Party receives XP and gold for the session. They end the day inside the inn. Main characters need to level up.

Abandoned Mines

Start: 12/23/821 SR
End: 12/25/821 SR

The players travel to the living spaces (area 3) where they encounter 6 orcs. After which they return to the orc leader to cast Speak with the Dead.

Q1) Do you know anything about the whereabouts of the glowing stone?
A) Never heard of a glowing stone.

Q2) Who is your master?
A) I am my own master.

Q3) What is the name of the one that gives you your orders?
A) No one orders me.

Q4) Why are you here?
A) A necromancer has been building an army of the dead, violating our sacred orc burials grounds. These disks will protect us.

Q5) How did you obtain knowledge about the disks?
A) I soldier named Dalten.

Orc Raiders

Start: 12/23/821 SR

The players return to Tillian to find the orcs raiding the village. The players top the orcs on the southeastern part of the village, then speak with multiple town inhabitants to acquire quests. From the orcs the acquire;
87 cp
34 sp
25 ep
117 gp

The party travels into the abandoned mine defeating the orcs on the palisade traversing deeper into the mine to the Commanders Chamber.

2 gold Discs of Passage
map of the mines
1,200 cp
300 sp
100 gp
Bag of Scrolls
Pouch containing 2 healing herbs (light green)

END SESSION NOTES: Need XP and divvy up treasure. Ended session around 7 PM game time inside the commanders chamber. Still need to explore corridor leading to area 3.

Trouble in Tillian

Start: 11/10/821 SR
End: 12/23/821 SR

On the road and get attacked by bandits. The next day the players make it to Tillian to deliver the message to Magi Sven. After the meeting Sister Mikaela talks to the me about the bandits. The party leaves to speak with Dwun Earthpick. After a mug of dwarven ale, all but Brutas leave for the Dusty Jacket Tavern. Brutas speaks with Dwun about the Dawi stone. Dwun tells Brutas that his brother left for the abandoned mines with a few mercenaries, but never returned. The players take on the Bandits in the Hills quest and they leave the town. They hit the first camp of 3 bandits and on the following day attack the remaining four camps following the map from camp 1. They destroy the first three camps by targeting each one with a fireball centered on the firepit. On the last camp three of the characters turn invisible by spells cast from Fizbin and move into position. Balin triggers the attack and they kill all but one bandit, leaving him for questioning. The bandit tells them that he was hired from a hooded man that appeared to be a guard. He also states that each camp was given a set of instructions to hit specific travelers on specific days.

198 cp
179 sp
62 ep
100 gp
8 pp

END SESSION NOTES: The players end game session at one of the camps with the one bandit still tied up, there they spend the night. We still need to divy up coin and XP from previous session.

Pit of the Mindflayer

Start: 10/22/821 SR
End: 11/10/821 SR

Treasure from last session;
1068 cp
30 sp
400 ep

The party tortures Sabub, but he never reveals the information they seek. They crush his chest with a battle axe. Fizbinn creates an illusion of an orc while Brutas casts Speak with Dead and asks the following five questions.

Q) Where are the dwarves being held?
A) No dwarves are being held.

Q) Where are the dwarves from the kegfoot farm?
A) They are here?

Q) Where is your mindflayer associate?
A) He is here.

Q) What is the mindflayer’s greatest weakness?
A) I don’t know.

Q) How many mindflayers are here?
A) Only 1, but one is more than enough.

The party travels deeper in the cavern till they reach a fork in the road. The right passage shown signs of traffic while the left appeared to never been passed. They choose to go left around winding corridors till the reach a small tomb with two broken sarcophagus’s and a dried up fountain with a dwarf head and mouth as the spout. A beholder spactator hiding in the shadows gets the jump on Thorak hitting him with a ray of wounding multiple times before the party could react. They defeat that beholder and acquire 10 gold from the tomb. They backtrack to the corridor that passed by taking it to the jails where they see the bodies and skeletons of dwarves, gnomes and humans shackled to the wall and a few hanging in cages. A corridor leading deeper into the cave takes them to another room where the mindflayer is waiting with 6 dwarves enthralled. In the end the mindflayer escaped by means of Plane Shift.

600 cp
10,000 sp
2,100 gp
120 pp
6 Art Objects (25 gp)
Potion of Supreme Healing

END SESSION NOTES: Party ends in Thelzarum after buying and selling items before they return to the tavern to meet Daldrik for a meal and drinks on him. They will receive their rewards from the 3 active quests except gold which we handed out tonight.

The Upper Caves

Start: 10/21/821 SR
End: 10/22/821 SR

The part scopes out the orc encampment when they are attacked by kobolds. They travel into the ruins and are attacked by 5 orcs. Inside the cave they first encounter Gray Ooze, create an illusion in the hall of a bear to draw the orcs from the common room, then they move into the orc common room where they capture Sabub.

18 cp
235 sp
87 gp
Ceramic Jug

END SESSION NOTES: Hand out XP, need treasure for last encounter of 6 orcs and Sabub


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