Dwarves of Morias: Blood Brothers

Morias: The Meeting

Start: 7/23/820 SR
End: 8/21/820 SR

The mountain dwarves of Gondor arrive in Morias to trade their wares. The party gets together and shares background tales. Brondor stresses interests in seeing The Great Gates of Dun Khâzlodan. The party travels to Kegfoot farm and encounter 4 goblins acquiring 66 xp and 22 gp each. They return to THELZARÛM to report their findings at the farm, then travel to the North gate where they encounter a goblin carrying a letter. After 7 nights of camping the gate they encounter 5 goblins heads and 1 live goblin prisoner to return to Daldrick Roundshield. End game session at gates THELZARÛM at 8AM

The Goblin Invasion: Part 1

Start: 8/21/820 SR
End: 9/17/821 SR

The party Travels back to Thelzarum to turn in their quests and acquire the Goblin Invaders Quest hook. They travel back to Kegfoot farm and then to Dhur Moldur where they encounter over 20 goblins and see many other goblins leave the ruined town on wolf mounts. The party force marches back to Kegfoot farm where they camp the day and then travel again in the nigh hours for 2.5 days back to Thelzarum. While in Thelzarum they train for new class features, exchange coin and exchange information with Daldrick Roundshield about recent events.

Treasure Hoard from Dhur Moldur
1,200 cp
1,300 sp
6 art objects (25gp)
Instrument of the Bards (Mac-Fuimidh cittern)
Staff of the Adder
Broom of Flying

The Goblin Invasion: Part 2

Start: 9/17/821 SR
End: 9 /21/821 SR

The party recruits Balin Ironbeard and Thorak Silvrheart. They travel south where the bait a wolf pack into a trap and kill them for their pelts. The continue to travel south to the ruins of Voghbor where they encounter a orc/goblin barracade killing 4 goblins and 2 orcs. Before the one orc died he revealed the name of an orc known to him as Sabub. The travel to a second interior stockade wall fortified by dug pits and cliffs. Here they disable a catapult and kills 5 orcs and 4 goblins taking one goblin captive. The goblin reveals that the orc Chieftain has made a pact with ogres in the mountains and are awaiting their arrival.

Note: Need to hand out treasure

Voghbor: Level 1

Start: 9/21/821 SR
End: 9 /22/821 SR

The party finds Voghbor and decides to ascend into the mountains to regain their strength. The next day they enter the stronghold from the front entrance killing the 2 orc and 2 goblin guards and preventing them from sounding the alarm. The dwarves slip into the ancient stronghold catching most of the orcs and goblins on the first level by surprise. By the time they reach the broken lift and the last encounter for the session the orcs scream out “Dwarves in the Common Area”. At this point the guards in the northern part of the stronghold were alerted to the adventurers presence and charged the Common Room. The dwarves meet their new foe in the broken lift room defeating them, but at the cost of alerting the stronghold inhabitants to their presence.


Voghbor: Day 2

Start: 9 /22/821 SR
End: 9/26/821 SR

The party finds the Kegfoots locked in the royal chambers of the Voghbor. They search the level find the dwarves armor and weapons quickly donning it while the enemy approaches in from the common living quarters. They find horde treasure containing;

2,400 cp
1,200 sp
70 gp
6 gems (10 gp)
Bag of Holding
Potion of Greater Healing x2

Gorath Outpost

Start: 9/26/821 SR
End: 10/13/821 SR

The party waits in Thelzarum till the scouts return from Gorath Excavation Site. Sabub’s trail was picked up just north of the site and the party travels south. On their way there they are attacked by a manticore thinking them a tasty treat, but ends up fleeing for its life. In Gorath Outpost the party seeks information pertaining to the missing miners. They receive mixed information from the miners with some saying they traveled into the excavation site, traveled to the main trail or went out to grab a hidden stash of gems.

Twin Kings Tomb

Start: 10/13/821 SR
End: 10/15/821 SR

The players travel to Twin Kings Tomb and found that the graves there have been disturbed. Skeletons and zombies are lurking about and the caretaker is nowhere to be seen. The party gets into 6 encounters; 1st – 6 Skeletons, 2nd – 4 zombies, 3rd – 4 skeletons and 2 zombies, 4th – Mimic, 5th – 1 Ogre zombie, 6th – 1 banshee and 3 skeletons. They clear the Tomb of undead and end the session in the Queens burial chamber of the Ironbeard side.

2,200 CP
1,018 SP
6 EP
70 GP

5 Art Object (25 gp / each)
Magical Axe

The Talking Dead

Start: 10/15/821 SR
End: 10/21/821 SR

The party travels back towards Gorath Outpost to pick up Sabub’s trail. They follow his trail southeast where they find Gagazan, a ruined gnomish city. From there the party travels along the mountains till they find a ruined dwarven tower. The tower is currently in use by orcs that are active during the night and rest during the day. They climb the wall and attack killing 5 orcs and 2 dire wolves. Fizbin cast minor illusion to create an orc while Brutas cast Speak with the Dead and asked the following 5 questions;

Q) Where are the dwarf prisoners?
A) A ruined keep.

Q) How far is the ruined keep?
A) A half a day to a day.

Q) Is Sabub there?
A) I cannot say where Sabub.

Q) Who is Sabub’s master?
A) A mind flayer.

Q) Is the keep North, south, east or west from here?
A) The keep is to the southwest.

16 CP
13 SP
23 GP
5 PP

END SESSION: Party camp for the night near a ruined dwarven keep where the dwarf captives are said to be.

The Upper Caves

Start: 10/21/821 SR
End: 10/22/821 SR

The part scopes out the orc encampment when they are attacked by kobolds. They travel into the ruins and are attacked by 5 orcs. Inside the cave they first encounter Gray Ooze, create an illusion in the hall of a bear to draw the orcs from the common room, then they move into the orc common room where they capture Sabub.

18 cp
235 sp
87 gp
Ceramic Jug

END SESSION NOTES: Hand out XP, need treasure for last encounter of 6 orcs and Sabub

Pit of the Mindflayer

Start: 10/22/821 SR
End: 11/10/821 SR

Treasure from last session;
1068 cp
30 sp
400 ep

The party tortures Sabub, but he never reveals the information they seek. They crush his chest with a battle axe. Fizbinn creates an illusion of an orc while Brutas casts Speak with Dead and asks the following five questions.

Q) Where are the dwarves being held?
A) No dwarves are being held.

Q) Where are the dwarves from the kegfoot farm?
A) They are here?

Q) Where is your mindflayer associate?
A) He is here.

Q) What is the mindflayer’s greatest weakness?
A) I don’t know.

Q) How many mindflayers are here?
A) Only 1, but one is more than enough.

The party travels deeper in the cavern till they reach a fork in the road. The right passage shown signs of traffic while the left appeared to never been passed. They choose to go left around winding corridors till the reach a small tomb with two broken sarcophagus’s and a dried up fountain with a dwarf head and mouth as the spout. A beholder spactator hiding in the shadows gets the jump on Thorak hitting him with a ray of wounding multiple times before the party could react. They defeat that beholder and acquire 10 gold from the tomb. They backtrack to the corridor that passed by taking it to the jails where they see the bodies and skeletons of dwarves, gnomes and humans shackled to the wall and a few hanging in cages. A corridor leading deeper into the cave takes them to another room where the mindflayer is waiting with 6 dwarves enthralled. In the end the mindflayer escaped by means of Plane Shift.

600 cp
10,000 sp
2,100 gp
120 pp
6 Art Objects (25 gp)
Potion of Supreme Healing

END SESSION NOTES: Party ends in Thelzarum after buying and selling items before they return to the tavern to meet Daldrik for a meal and drinks on him. They will receive their rewards from the 3 active quests except gold which we handed out tonight.


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